Why Hire a Personal Stylist? How to promote your value in marketing content.

To grow your image business effectively, you’ll need to understand why your niche client would hire a personal stylist and what it costs them if they don’t.

Value, or ‘return on investment’ is based on what a client needs and wants most.

Does your ideal client crave new brands to discover? Alternatively, are you working with executive professionals who value time and convenience above all else?

As a result of knowing the most important benefits you deliver as stylist based on your client’s unique problems, you’ll know what to promote in all your content.

In this month’s ‘Tea & Chats’ masterclass, stylists joined in to learn ways to truly convince potential clients of their worth.


Time needed: 2 minutes

How To Define Personal Styling Value & Promote It Effectively

  1. Identify Your Niche Client Problems

    What are the key problems your niche client experiences when shopping or getting ready?

    List out the specific issues they have, from sizing, to outfit ideas, to access to brands and personal goals.

    Once we understand what their problems are, we can move to the next step.

  2. What Are Their Problems Costing Them?

    What impacts are these shopping and styling problems having on your client’s personal, or professional life?

    Can you quantify the time wasted, money wasted, or opportunities lost due to a lack of confidence?

    In order for a client to engage with you, they’ll need to believe the service is essential, not just a ‘nice to have’ experience.

  3. How Do You Solve These Styling Problems?

    Take the list of specific issues your ideal clients have and match them to solutions you offer.

    We need to ensure we provide a specific solution to their problem before we prove how valuable it is to them.

    Once we have a checklist of services that solve these problems, we can provide reasons why someone should hire a personal stylist.

  4. What Quantifiable Results Will You Deliver?

    Based on the services you offer, what quantifiable results can you guarantee?

    Is there a total amount of time saved each week once they have an outfit guide?

    Can you define the money saved each year once they stop making the same shopping mistakes?

    Perhaps you decrease the cost per wear on each garment?

    Is it possible to increase the value of a wardrobe?

    Maybe you could negotiate discounts from local retailers and boutiques to pass on savings to your clients?

    Once you know what your clients care about, use metrics to highlight what it costs them to hire you and what’s it’s worth to them.

Potential clients want to understand whether a personal styling session is worth the investment.

Every client’s definition of ‘worth’ is based on the cost of their problem, the cost of your solution and promised results.

Using metrics related to specific problems, you can start to educate your audience on why they would hire a personal stylist.

Make sure to use these metrics in all social posts, emails, ads, blogs and on your website.

Click here to start defining yours in a clear, simple way.

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