Why Creativity-Based Marketing Could Help Improve Your Styling Content

In today’s podcast episode, International Stylist and Bespoke Shopper Coco-Louise explains why she values creativity-based marketing over complicated strategies to attract clients.

Coco-Louise helps her ‘guests’ (styling clients) embrace their most true self.

And she’s decided to follow suit with the way she approaches digital content creation. By choosing to tap into her own creativity instead of being paralyzed by the myriad marketing strategies out there.

It’s an interesting perspective from a genuinely creative, artistic soul who felt inhibited by the traditional or ‘right way’ to market her styling business.

Her story proves there is ALWAYS a way to market your styling business that feels right for you, no matter what everyone else is doing.

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How To Use Creativity Marketing

Stop Looking At Your Phone

To start becoming more creative with your marketing content, you’ll have to stop looking at other people.

“There was a time, a long time ago where I was looking left, right and center and thinking  I need to to up my game.

Nothing I created was coming out natural. It wasn’t bringing me anything. And then I realized I just had to stop looking at other people’s pages because I was trying to be someone you’re not.”

Take the time off to block everything else out, and let every creative thought come back in.

When you focus ONLY on who you are, what you do and what you love, you start to believe in yourself again. And that belief spurs on creativity unbound by fear or imposter syndrome.

Create a ‘Creativity-Generating Space’

When we want to tap into our creative spirit, we should consider our surroundings.

For Coco-Louise, it’s music.

“Music brings out everything in me, but you have to follow what brings out your creativity, what makes you feel good.

Creating marketing content is hard. It’s draining at times.

For me Reels, I find the music first. I consider what I’m feeling, what am I showing today. And I play the music first and listen to it. I hear the rhythm. I play it all in my head and it gets me going, you know, and I kind of just dance my way through.”

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

As stylists, you are here to bring out the best in your styling clients and to help them move beyond their comfort zones.

For creativity-based marketing, you’ll need to be as brave as your clients by trying something that might not be what every other stylist is doing.

Creating your social posts, shoppable content, emails and blogs might feel scary when steer away from the existing formats.

By adding in your own unique flavour, you begin to form recognisable, relatable, content plan that feels completely natural.


If you’d like to try creativity-based marketing, we’ll work to build an engaging, natural, effective content plan in our 1 on 1 Coaching Program.


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