‘Understanding the Styling Client Journey’ with My Virtual Stylist Founder, Rosie McKay

Rosie McKay is a stylist with over 15 years experience in editorial and commercial work, most notably styling for WHO and OK magazine in Australia.

Rosie launched her personal styling business in 2017 and has since built a virtual styling platform ‘My Virtual Stylist’, offering clients ‘style subscriptions’ delivered quarterly.

In today’s episode, we’ll be focusing on the Client Journey; How your ideal client journey defines your business success.

Rosie has 2 distinct client profiles who each make purchasing and booking decisions in different ways.

Understanding these differences have enabled Rosie to anticipate the needs of each client as they move through the buyer cycle, removing any barriers to booking in and getting them signed up to her programs!

We’ll discuss:

· The 2x types of Virtual Styling client and what they need from Rosie.
· How each client likes to engage with Rosie.
· How we get them from ‘unaware of your services’ to ‘booking in’ (the buyer cycle)
· The service types that match each client’s needs

Rosie also shares her advice as an entrepreneur growing a business organically; it’s all about testing and tweaking to get results!

TAKEAWAY 🔑 Understanding exactly how your ideal client makes a decision about booking in a service or buying a product should define the customer journey in your business.

SUPPORT 💻 Book a marketing coaching session in this month and we’ll define the steps your clients takes, make specific tweaks and help drive more bookings together!

More info: https://myvirtualstylist.com.au/about