Read on to see how our unique approach has genuinely cut through and made an impact in our client’s businesses.


“It Really Works!”

We believe that every single stylist has a powerful purpose and the opportunity to carve out their own niche.

We know how to get to that USP within each of you and present it in a way that makes client connections seamlessly.

When we say we’ll help you stand out, niche down and attract styling clients, we make sure we keep that promise.

And because the business of personal styling is our passion, we’ll also bring you a healthy dose of excitement, creativity and energy.

Watch Some Reviews

Some Kind Words…

Best Thing I’ve Ever Done!

Working with Sarah in the ‘Empire Blueprint’ Program has been the single best thing I have done for my business.

Her knowledge of this business is extensive, and her ideas are original and enlightened.

Sarah is such fun to work with, I always finish out calls motivated and excited.

My business has experienced a dramatic shift, but my thinking had expanded even further to imagine a business far more reaching than I previously thought possible.

So Amazing!

You know exactly what the pain points are and you knew exactly what to say for that client who is looking for help!!

You are so amazing with words and making it so clear what the objective us and how I am here to help!!

Love it, love it, love it!!

3 Clients Booked This Week!

You won’t believe this but I’ve just booked 3 clients this week with one more on the way who wants to schedule for next month!

Ever since I started implementing the strategies you’ve given me, each time I’ve posted someone has reached out asking to work with me! This is really just SO AMAZING!

Wow, Just Wow!

Thank you SO much for another mega-useful session. 

Everything you suggested was gold dust and I really appreciate your time and wisdom. 

I’m so much clearer about what to focus on next which is a refreshing change to the usual whirlwind of ideas that overwhelm and stop me from taking action! 

It feels great to have a targeted strategy, which I had always been missing.   

She truly understood my passion!

When you can work with someone who truly understands and sees your passion you’ve found your match!

That’s how I feel about Sarah!
Sarah has been such a huge part of the shaping and molding of my business I get excited when I think about it.

Sometimes when we don’t know what to do in business we tend to pause and not move forward but Sarah knows exactly how to connect with you, how to set up the right foundation blocks for your business so that you can be successful.

She’s great with her words, gives meaningful advice and is always attentive to the task at hand.

I love working with Sarah and so glad she was aligned to be my styling coach for my business

Danique Martin
Image & Colour Stylist, AUS

Her energy was contagious!

Sarah’s marketing knowledge and her keen ability to quickly access the gaps was phenomenal.

Her energy was contagious. I now have a clear plan on how to elevate my brand and attract my perfect client.

Just Fantastic!

Sarah, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your knowledge and your skill in being able to explain and encourage is just fantastic and exactly what I need right now to give me a fighting chance at getting this styling business off the ground.

I’m so pleased I joined The Collective!

I am seeing the light!!!

I see that the answer to all of my questions is between the youtube video of each session, but even more so, from the slides!!!

OMG!!!!! I just picked up the copies I had made professionally of the slides and the Monthly planner.  This is absolutely amazing material.  I had not seen all of this content!!! You tell us step by step by step exactly how to do it.  I am in awe of how much effort went into putting these together.

Thank you!!! I so got my money’s worth but in spades!!! 
(Jaw drops) 

Exceeded What I Could Have Imagined!

Sarah is one of the most talented and gifted people that I’ve ever worked with. 
When I met Sarah I knew immediately that I needed to work with her because of her magnetic personality and energy.  

The experience was absolutely incredible and far exceeded anything I ever could have imagined.  There are no other words than to say that my mind was blown. 

I’ve worked with other coaches before but none of them “got” me or my mission.  

Within a matter of minutes of our working together, she helped to create my core messaging in a way that is completely unique to me and my business.  

The results were immediate and transformational. Within days of applying my new strategy, my business began bustling like never before.  

She helped me to overcome the overwhelm of social media and now I am attracting my ideal clients.  

Sold Out In 24 Hours!

After working with Sarah to plan my first group program and promotional launch, I reached my financial goal and sold out in 24 hours!

Amazing Coaching!

Had an AMAZING coaching call with Sarah Cohen and I couldn’t go to bed without putting all her great tips into action!!

I’d been dreading the revamp of my website for 6 months and just didn’t know where to start.. I even had 2 different social media/marketing coaches look over it and it just didn’t inspire me to act.

BUT THIS TIME with Sarah. it was amazing, she just gave really actionable steps and nothing that I couldn’t do.
Camilla Bousquet

Insightful Marketing Strategy!

I have been working with her for a couple of months now and she is so helpful, enthusiastic, insightful and seems to know exactly the tone to take with every marketing strategy.

I have learnt so much from her already and always come away from our meetings feeling energized and ready to take on the challenge! 


I LOVED my session with Sarah today.

It feels so good that after years of working on my business to actually understand how I need to be in it and sell what I offer.
I felt with Sarah, how I want my clients to feel with me.

Best Program Ever!

OMG! Can I hire me!?!?!? Damn you make me sound good!!! 

You are AMAZING at this!!!!!!

The Styling Advisory is hands down the best styling coaching program ever.

I highly recommend working with Sarah.

You Can Thank Me Later!

Sarah is really amazing at keeping people straight on their business and brand, mapping out their client journey and articulating what is working and what is not working.

Styling can be such a lonely game, so it’s refreshing to be able to talk opening about all aspects of my business to someone who not only understands, but adds so much value.

Sarah is sharp and witty, you can thank me later! 

So Brilliant!!

Sarah, this is all SO brilliant!

This is exactly what I was hoping to achieve… I always struggle with the right words to explain my subscription service, so this is just what it needed to nail that brand identity.

LOVE IT!!!!!!
I’m feeling grateful that our paths crossed, I needed your expertise years ago, ha!

100% Growth!

Within 5 weeks of working with Sarah, I had grown my personal styling Instagram page by 100% !!

I doubled my followers with my newly defined ‘voice’ that was authentic to me.