The Power Of Listening To Your Clients

It was a privilege to reconnect with the amazing Carla Mathis, AICI CIM, on my podcast. 

I first met Carla as a student of The Style Core, and am fortunate to call her a partner in the ‘Going Virtual’ Program we co-run alongside Erin Mathis.

In today’s conversation, we dive into the soulful side of styling, and the role of the ‘identity’.

Carla has experienced incredible hardships growing up, but she used these to empathise with her clients. As a consequence, she has built a global reputation as a pioneer of the image industry.

If you want to build a genuinely unique, successful and enriching styling business, listen to Carla’s advice on what clients really need from you.

As an image expert, you get to remind your client of what they’ve forgotten about themselves.

Here are Carla’s key recommendations to foster ultimate trust, connection and powerful transformation.

Understand yourself and how your experiences shaped you.

Carla’s childhood included isolation, loneliness, abandonment and a physical impairment that kept her away from her family at pivotal moments of her life.

Those experiences shaped Carla Mathis, along with the years of self-development and therapy. It’s made her the empathetic master of communication and image she is today!

Carla is able to tap into her experiences to connect with her audience and clients, forging strong relationships built on trust and vulnerability.

Listening is more important that the styling tools.

Clients are often unsure of their identity; not knowing who they are, or too uncertain about how to reflect themselves on the outside.

The conversation you need to have with your audience should start with this fundamental concept.

Styling clients is about connecting with them, offering  a deep understanding, empathy and respect for who they are, and what they value.

They guide the session, and you are there to listen.

It has to start with your vulnerability.

Before you can ask your audience to share their truth selves, their body issues and their insecurities, you’ll need to go first.

Carla Mathis believes that if you can communicate through your content that you’re being open, honest, and real, your audience will follow suit.

And if they feel comfortable opening up and connecting with you, the next step in their journey is the booking.

This is why ‘The Connection’ Program was designed; Stylists have the power to help others on a soul-level, but it requires you to start marketing your business from the same deep place.

You are selling a much more profound experience than you realise. Your marketing should reflect this.

If you’re not getting any love from your current marketing efforts, you might need to start diving deeper into your own story first

We’ll help you find it via The Connection Program through a 12 week journey of discovery, coaching and planning.

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