The Ethical Stylist Who Won A United Nations Award, With Melbourne’s Donna Cameron.

What does ‘ethical image consulting’ look like, and how do stylists support this global shift in consumer interest? 

The term ‘sustainability’ is thrown around ALOT in the styling world – so I wanted to ask the OG of ethical stylists, Colour Expert, Melbourne Image Expert, former President of the Melbourne Chapter of the AICI and author, Donna Cameron, what’s happening in the sustainable styling realm right now. 

I was also interested in understanding whether this retail trend was starting to show up in the demand from styling clients – are clients genuinely looking to change the way they consume fashion?

Donna and her business partner Briar Jasper-Batson founded a really cool styling initiative, called ‘Fashion By Foot‘; The two take clients on a walking tour of Melbourne’s independent designer studios, where you’ll get to see first hand how the garments/accessories are made, the time it takes, the effort, and how this type of slow, considered, unique retail experience is a more sustainable way of shopping. 

This episode is a great one for stylists interested in using your image business as a vehicle to continue supporting ethical fashion and sustainable initiatives.


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