Signature Program

Unlock your authentic story to build your dream styling business.

We’re going to tap into the core of who you are and reveal the most authentic and magnetic brand identity you’ve ever dreamed of, then turn it into marketing that will convert clients like you’ve never seen before.

Your Styling clients are looking for clues that they belong with you.

We’ll teach you how to craft the best clues so you attract your dream client.

As stylists, you all have the same tools that you use to transform your clients; the colour analysis, the personal shopping, the style boards, the virtual styling, the closet edits, the checklists, the technical training and the understanding of body-shape.

But what makes a web visitor, social media follower, blog reader or webinar attendee decide to work with you is something subconscious, instant and much more profound than ‘what the content looks like’.

As marketing, psychology and brand experts, we’ve spent over 20 years uncovering the unspoken communication between brands and their audience.

The good news is…. you don’t have to be a master at IG Reels, or the world’s best copywriter, or a gifted talent on video. It’s actually got nothing to do with that.

What your audience wants is to connect with stories, values and a sense of belonging that is registered deep within their nervous system.

And the only way you can affect this exchange is by mining the depths of who you are, your origin story, and then reflect that in a way that instantly makes them feel safe.

Because when you feel connected, the communication and content flows seamlessly and you start to build genuine relationships based on trust, not sales tactics.

We are going to guide you through the development of your most powerful story and teach you how to share it with content that touches hearts, builds connections and grows your business.

You don’t need a masters in marketing, you need a masters in YOU.

Build a life-changing brand using the most authentic parts of you.

Unblock years of stagnation when it comes to taking action on your business.

Create a marketing plan that keeps you calm, intentional and passionate.

You’ll be closely mentored through a 12-week program delivered by BRAND SPECIALISTS, MARKETING STRATEGISTS & CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGISTS.

let’s get back to the heart of your business
  • Re-discover your passion and remove mental blocks stopping you from being yourself
  • Reconnect with your magic instead of recreating the same styling content everyone else is
  • Create a powerfully magnetic personal brand story primed for connection
  • Spend time having raw, authentic, unfiltered conversations that magnetised the right people
  • Align yourself with your true purpose and start loving your business again


The Format

Our transformative marketing program is delivered over 12 weeks

The result is a magnetic brand and content plan you’ll follow to stand out online, build deep connections and drive bookings.


Magic Mining

Let’s uncover your magnetic magic. The incomparable skills, experiences and passions that will help you empathise and connect with a consistent stream of clients. Let’s bravely build deeper connections with audiences without the need for salesy, pressure tactics.


Brave Branding

Your unique magic IS your brand – let’s turn the insights we uncovered into a compelling, succinct and magnetic brand story that makes you stand out like a beacon to your dream clients online.


Topics That Touch Hearts

We’re going to build content pillars and plans that make your heart sing as you create them. You’ll put your magic into marketing that has clients baring their soul and booking you in. You’ll love writing, recording or creating content that feels good and means something to you.

The real secret to your styling business success is YOU – the authentic you.


The ‘YOU’ who discovered the world of colour, proportion, harmony, creative expression and style – and loved it.

That version of you; the truest, most raw, authentic, unfiltered version of you, wants to help others still stuck in those debilitating cycles of self-sabotage by sharing what you know.

‘YOU’ have the ability and the opportunity to genuinely heal others with the technical styling tools, kindness, wisdom and experiences you’ve already accumulated.

When you are brave enough to show others your voice, your edges, your passions, and your insights, you automatically attract exactly the type of person you were born to help.

You don’t need a masters in marketing. You need a masters in YOU.

Once we harness the power of you, the content ideas flow.

And the rest is just mechanics.

Let’s have a chat first

You know me, I love a cup of tea and a juicy conversation that goes deep.

Having worked with over 500+ image experts world-wide, I want to make sure I understand exactly what your business needs, and whether this program is perfect for you.

You can ask me any questions like “is it really worth it” and “how do I know this will result in a profitable styling business” or “how do I weave ghost stories into my content strategy.” You know, the usual questions.


This a 12-week program, but the specific session times and dates are confirmed individually up upon sign up.

Full payment is required upon sign up to this program.

Absolutely! This is the kind of program that will be incredibly beneficial for you to do at the very beginning of your styling journey. We have found that our stylists get results at every single level of their business.

Session times will be co-ordinated for your timezone upon sign up, so it’s convenient for you.

We’d love to hear a bit about your story and where you are at in your Styling Journey. So the next part is to jump on a call with our founder Sarah Cohen – she’ll walk you through the program and see if it feels like a great match. From there, you’ll be sent the payment details and once you’re confirmed we’ll see you for our opening week!


Tell your story in an authentic way and your ideal clients will flock to you for one simple fact – they will feel more connected to you.