Testing Tiktok Strategies

This is a follow up episode from “How To Use Tik Tok For Stylists Over 40” and I’m SUPER EXCITED to share it with you.

My guest is Cecilia Stoeckicht, a bilingual, Midlife Image Coach in her early 60s who decided to test out the strategies shared by digital marketing and TikTok specialist, Candice DeVille, Co-Founder of Co-Pilot Crew, because she wasn’t seeing much audience growth on Instagram.

You’ll hear first-hand from a stylist who is not a digital native about the experience of trialing content creation on TikTok, how it feels and why it’s working.

We will loop back in with Cecilia in 3 months to see how she is going, and to confirm whether content creation is easier, more effective or more revenue generating in TikTok compared to other social media platforms.

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Time needed: 1 minute

Cecilia’s 4  ‘Content Creation Observations’

  • It’s okay not to be perfect

    Social media can be overwhelming, and Cecilia discovered that Tiktok caters to ordinary people like her who are also self-conscious at times. She felt free from the pressure of only posting the best parts of herself.

  • You can create content on Tiktok then share it to the rest of your social media platforms

    Given how much more relaxed Cecilia feels on TikTok, she now prefers to create content on Tiktok and then share it on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and other platforms.

  • You can build real relationships

    Tiktok is designed to foster connection, so Cecilia has been enjoying the opportunity to connect with people outside of the typical Instagram influencer, to build relationships properly.

  • It takes time to learn but feels easier to work with

    Despite having to learn another platform, the feeling of lowered expectations, and seeing others present without the Instagram polish has liberated Cecilia in her content creation. Less fear brings more opportunities to tap into and share your true self.

Cecilia is enjoying steady growth in her Tiktok account now and we will check in with her in 3 months time to track her continued progress.



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