Using IGTV Videos To Convert Styling Clients with Raquel Macias

The Styling Advisory Podcast
Using IGTV Videos To Convert Styling Clients with Raquel Macias

Today I’m talking to personal stylist Raquel Macias about her marketing approach, which focusses predominantly on creating video content on IGTV to convert clients.

Raquel spent time analyzing what type of posts/blogs/emails/ads were working to build relationships with followers and clients – and it turned out that every DM or email, booking or subscription was linked to videos she created.

Armed with this knowledge, Raquel decided to double down on this type of content rather than keep trying to create loads of different types of posts/content.

This approach works for her and her audience, but every one of us needs our own unique ‘recipe’ of marketing ingredients to drive our clients into booking in.

[00:00:00] Introduction to Raquel Macias, her styling journey and the business she has built.

[00:04:42] Do Raquel’s clients just want her to tell them what their style should be? Or do they have an idea of what they want their style to be and they just can’t?

[00:07:44] What type of marketing activity or marketing decisions have enabled Raquel to build her business.

[00:08:40] Studying her own content and the feedback she was getting

[00:10:00] For Raquel, video is a better way of communicating her knowledge.

[00:10:47] Reviewing the engagement, the metrics, and the information to attract clients.

[00:12:05] How likes and comments sometimes can be misleading when you use Instagram as a business platform.

[00:13:07] Raquel’s client journey from video views to clients .

[00:15:10] Free resources and freebies

[00:16:12] Planning video ideas and the creative process

[00:23:00] The mindset shift which will fuel the popularity of stylist’s

[00:25:34] Why the more clothing choices you have, the harder it is for you to make a decision on your outfit.

[00:27:04] What the call-to-action could be in your video

[00:31:37] The channel Raquel receives the most engagement from followers



“New Shopping Partnership Opportunities with Garmentier Founder, Lisa Bubes”

The Styling Advisory Podcast
"New Shopping Partnership Opportunities with Garmentier Founder, Lisa Bubes"

Garmentier was founded in 2018 by professional stylist and retail veteran Lisa Bubes, who recognized the potential for personal shoppers to change the retail world through an entirely new direct sales model.

The Garmentier digital platform revolutionizes the relationship between retailers, brands and stylists and removes the barriers that have prevented a seamless and strong commercial partnership between them and the brands they help support.

Commissions, selecting and sending clothing from stores directly to clients without any need for upfront payments and custom tailoring are just some of the features of this platform.

In my interview today, Lisa and I talk about the industry challenges and how Garmentier was built to remove them in an innovative and intuitive way.

Currently available to US image professionals only, they do have plans to open the functionality and membership to other countries in 2021.


Book your free ‘Empire Planning Strategy Session’ with Sarah here 👉

“Understanding the Styling Client Journey with My Virtual Stylist Founder, Rosie McKay.”

The Styling Advisory Podcast
"Understanding the Styling Client Journey with My Virtual Stylist Founder, Rosie McKay."
Rosie McKay is a stylist with over 15 years experience in editorial and commercial work, most notably styling for WHO and OK magazine in Australia.
Rosie launched her personal styling business in 2017 and has since built a virtual styling platform ‘My Virtual Stylist’, offering clients ‘style subscriptions’ delivered quarterly.
In today’s episode, we’ll be focusing on the Client Journey; How your ideal client journey defines your business success.
Rosie has 2 distinct client profiles who each make purchasing and booking decisions in different ways.
Understanding these differences have enabled Rosie to anticipate the needs of each client as they move through the buyer cycle, removing any barriers to booking in and getting them signed up to her programs!
We’ll discuss:
  • The 2x types of Virtual Styling client and what they need from Rosie
  • How each client likes to engage with Rosie
  • How we get them from ‘unaware of your services’ to ‘booking in’ (the buyer cycle)
The service types that match each client’s needs Rosie also shares her advice as an entrepreneur growing a business organically; it’s all about testing and tweaking to get results!
Understanding exactly how your ideal client makes a decision about booking in a service or buying a product should define the customer journey in your business.
Book a marketing coaching session in this month and we’ll define the steps your clients takes, make specific tweaks and help drive more bookings together!

“Shoppable Style Boards with Goodpix Founder, MaryLiz Lehman”

The Styling Advisory Podcast
"Shoppable Style Boards with Goodpix Founder, MaryLiz Lehman"

In today’s episode, Goodpix Founder MaryLiz Lehman shares her journey towards digitising the stylist/client experience and how stylists today are offering virtual styling services to broaden their earning potential.

MaryLiz is a firm believer in the power of the stylist to change the retail landscape, AND in the power of the ‘relationship -based entrepreneur’, which was the inspiration behind Goodpix; a digital tool allowing you to create shoppable content in a one-to-many format.

Shoppable boards, collections, affiliate commissions and client micro-sites are all available for a monthly subscription fee to scale your styling or image business.

We discuss why stylists won’t be replaced with subscription-based, algorithm driven fashion services, and how the Goodpix technology has helped to make the human-touch of styling, shopping and customer service more efficient.

“Brand Development When You’re a Personal Stylist And….”

The Styling Advisory Podcast
"Brand Development When You're a Personal Stylist And...."

Today I’m talking with stylist Danique Martin about her business; Fashion and Finance. 

Danique is a stylist but she’s also spent the last 5 years building her own insurance business, and she came to me wanting to create an overarching brand and business model that would allow her to continue to do both. 

This episode is particularly relevant for those of you who have been asking me what to do about your marketing activity when you have 2 separate audiences or service areas. 

As a client of The Styling Advisory’s Empire Blueprint Program, we worked together on Danique’s mission, vision, brand proposition and services to create a business that opened up multiple revenue streams; all centred on the promise of personal empowerment and financial freedom. 

The other reason I wanted to share Danique’s experience is because she is an insurance expert specializing in the fashion and styling industry – so for all of you listening, if you don’t know what coverage you need as a stylist, from public liability insurance to income protection, here is someone that can explain it in a relevant way for our industry!

If you’ve got any questions about how you can create an overarching brand and business model for your own business, or if you want to learn more from stylist Danique Martin, you can email me, book in a chat or DM me @TheStylingAdvisory. 

If you want to watch our lovely faces as we talk, you can also watch this episode on my Youtube Channel; The Styling Advisory. 

Danique’s website:


Virtual Styling Masterclass with Glamhive CEO Stephanie Sprangers

The Styling Advisory Podcast
Virtual Styling Masterclass with Glamhive CEO Stephanie Sprangers

In today’s episode, we receive a virtual styling masterclass with Stephanie Sprangers, CEO of Glamhive, the leading marketplace connecting stylists with personal styling clients from around the world.

Steph is a true champion of the styling community. Like me, she believes wholeheartedly in the value stylists bring to all clients, and the opportunities the styling industry has to shape the new retail landscape.

Steph explains:

  • The virtual styling process and the vision of Glamhive
  • How to commercialise those extra texts and phone calls you’re currently providing for free
  • Why it’s so important your virtual styling service is a seamless client experience
  • The role your website plays in converting virtual clients and why Amazon is a great example
  • Why your website should be an e-commerce platform not a blog site
  • Why digital styling services are the perfect solution for both stylist and client.

As always, we discuss the future of styling and where the opportunities are for you to carve your own niche in the digital styling space.

If you are looking to refine your virtual styling systems and processes, visit our Programs page here or book in a free Empire Planning Session so we can review your current set-up, and create a roadmap for success.

‘How To Increase Your Styling Prices with Sydney Stylist Gessica Marmotta’

The Styling Advisory Podcast
'How To Increase Your Styling Prices with Sydney Stylist Gessica Marmotta'

Sydney stylist Gessica Marmotta shares with us her approach to pricing personal styling services, and how she went from ‘hobby pricing’ to charging $3000 AUD for styling appointments.

  • How do you gain the confidence to charge more?
  • How do you know what to base your rates on?
  • How should you approach this rate change with new clients?

Tips to help you establish a successful pricing structure:

  • Valuing yourself; believe in what you do
  • Research the market to ensure you are pricing your services appropriately
  • Gain advice from a financial expert to create a model that is commercially sustainable
  • Ensure the time you put in to the pre and post appointment is included in your pricing
  • Create packages with varying degrees of personal and financial investment, to build trust and attract a broader range of clients
  • Be transparent with the outputs; What you deliver for the client behind the scenes, on the day and post-appointment support
  • Provide as much detail as possible on your website’s services page

Gessica Marmotta is Sydney stylist and you can connect with her here: @StyleByGessica

‘How To Build Your Styling Brand’ with Dubai’s Kelly Lundberg

The Styling Advisory Podcast
'How To Build Your Styling Brand' with Dubai's Kelly Lundberg

‘How To Build A Personal Styling Empire’ with Hollywood’s Lauren Messiah.

The Styling Advisory Podcast
'How To Build A Personal Styling Empire' with Hollywood's Lauren Messiah.

To find out more on Lauren, head to her website

‘How To Convert Clients Over Coffee’.

The Styling Advisory Podcast
'How To Convert Clients Over Coffee'.

This week we chat to Melbourne Stylist Shareena Winter about how she started her personal styling career, her approach to converting leads into clients and the exciting potential for stylists specialising in curvy silhouettes! We nail Shareena’s unique X-Factor and her niche audience too. A warm, beautiful soul I loved chatting with.