‘Television Network Styling’ with Channel 10’s Amanda Jessup


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'Television Network Styling' with Channel 10's Amanda Jessup

Amanda Jessup is Channel 10’s Head of Network Styling, a role that sees her managing the creative direction for fashion, hair and makeup across every one of the network’s productions.

She is also responsible for creating the national style guide in line with the network’s individual production branding requirements.

Amanda has worked across films, television dramas, advertising campaigns, magazine shoots, as well as teaching and consulting as the NSW trainer for an Australian cosmetic company.

With over 20 years of experience across the various disciplines within the styling industry, it was a pleasure to gain a thorough insight into the world of television styling – the gruelling hours, the shift work, the multi-tasking and budget management requirements and her advice for how you can enter this area of styling successfully.

Virtual Styling Masterclass with Glamhive CEO Stephanie Sprangers

The Styling Advisory Podcast
Virtual Styling Masterclass with Glamhive CEO Stephanie Sprangers

In today’s episode, we receive a virtual styling masterclass with Stephanie Sprangers, CEO of Glamhive, the leading marketplace connecting stylists with personal styling clients from around the world.

Steph is a true champion of the styling community. Like me, she believes wholeheartedly in the value stylists bring to all clients, and the opportunities the styling industry has to shape the new retail landscape.

Steph explains:

  • The virtual styling process and the vision of Glamhive
  • How to commercialise those extra texts and phone calls you’re currently providing for free
  • Why it’s so important your virtual styling service is a seamless client experience
  • The role your website plays in converting virtual clients and why Amazon is a great example
  • Why your website should be an e-commerce platform not a blog site
  • Why digital styling services are the perfect solution for both stylist and client.

As always, we discuss the future of styling and where the opportunities are for you to carve your own niche in the digital styling space.


If you are looking to refine your virtual styling systems and processes, visit our Programs page here or book in a free Empire Planning Session so we can review your current set-up, and create a roadmap for success.

‘How To Be A Fashion Editor’ with Freelance Editorial Stylist, Emma Read.

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The Styling Advisory Podcast
'How To Be A Fashion Editor' with Freelance Editorial Stylist, Emma Read.

Head to https://emmaread.com.au/ to find out more on Emma Read and to view her portfolio.

‘How To Build A Personal Styling Empire’ with Hollywood’s Lauren Messiah.

The Styling Advisory Podcast
'How To Build A Personal Styling Empire' with Hollywood's Lauren Messiah.

To find out more on Lauren, head to her website https://laurenmessiah.com/