Stylist Marketing Tools – Sarah’s Picks

Here is my list of Stylist Marketing Tools I love using to help reduce the amount of time it takes to produce quality content.

From SEO research to content strategy, copywriting, design and publishing, I’ve tried to find stylist marketing tools that help me work more efficiently.

I don’t need to go fast, but I do want to make sure that I’m being as effective as possible with my time. I need tools that help me create the right content, in the easiest way.

And I’m guessing this is something you’re looking for too – ways to work smarter, not harder, right?

Below is my list of TIME SAVING TOOLS to help you become more effective and efficient with the limited time you do have for marketing.

Buffer > To schedule all my posts across various platforms. This is a great tool to use with a VA who can map out your posts in advance and then you just need to approve them.

Sonix > To transcribe any webinars and podcast eps into WORD docs. If you’ve done any video or audio content, convert it to a WORD doc and then turn it into a blog post, quotes, a downloadable guide, or email series.

Active Campaign > My preferred email marketing tool for automated sequences and tagging or segmenting audiences, so you (hopefully) receive relevant information.

Creative Market > For stunning course and course promotion templates. You can download your preferred template directly to Canva to edit it.

Google Analytics > To understand who is visiting my site, what they are visiting and how I can keep them there longer. Without this, we have no idea of how our content is working for us. Start recording your monthly web visits and the way most people find your site (Direct, organic, email, social).

Trello > To keep all client notes, actions, worksheets and questions in 1 easy place. This is GREAT for clients to keep track of everything they’re working on with you.

Anchor > To record and host my podcast, which could even be done on your phone, it’s that user friendly.

Inshot > For editing my attempts* at comedic reels.

Wisestamp > For interactive email signatures. This element should NOT be underestimated. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your pages, website, platforms.

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