Social Media Content Tricks For Personal Stylists

Today I’m talking about the social media content tricks personal stylist Chelsea Brice has implemented to become an award winning stylist with an international business, booked out services and a team of stylists working for her across various states in Australia and New Zealand.

Chelsea has managed to scale her business to become a booked-out stylist and bring on other stylists without losing the trust of her audience who have been following her content for years.

We wanted to find out what marketing strategies she followed to create this incredibly successful business model.

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Chelsea’s Social Media Content Tricks & Marketing Recommendations

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Here are the key social media content tricks an marketing recommendations Chelsea shared in our interview:

  • Stay Consistent With Your Content Creation

    “I was very consistent with my posting and making sure there was a really good mix;  It wasn’t just me an outfit, it was clients, it was testimonials, it was how we do things”.

  • Invest In Yourself & Your Business

    “I am someone who just keeps investing in my business, and if I can’t do something, I will get someone who can do it. That includes mindset, business and marketing coaching.”

  • Acknowledge Mindset Problems In Your Content

    Speak to those personal, private concerns and acknowledged them.

    It’s not all about style tips and how to wear garments.
    It’s about talking about things like “how they get up each morning, go through their wardrobe, try on five outfits, feel stressed and then bump into somebody and just want to hide,” says Chelsea.
    Talking about all those emotions that they’re really going through is going to connect with and then bring in personal styling clients.

  • Think about Google Search Terms

    We know it’s important to consider the headspace of your potential client and the emotion behind styling and clothing.
    But as a customer or client, I’m not typing into Google at 10:00pm “ideas to boost self esteem.” I would be typing in “every day Victoria Beckham looks covering arms.”
    Think specifically about what people search for, what words they use, and then explore content that talks to this stuff.

  • Promote Your Virtual Services

    Some clients are ready to buy an entire capsule wardrobe on a shopping trip with a s stylist.
    But there are just as many potential clients who can afford the styling service and perhaps 1-2 new pieces at a time.
    These people might just want to build their wardrobe slowly but booking in a full shopping service seems like a waste.
    They want to work with someone. They’ve got the budget to get some help, but they don’t have the budget to buy a completely new wardrobe, so a VIRTUAL SERVICE that provides them with style and shopping guidance, outfit ideas or colour guidance is the perfect solution for this segment.

In conclusion, Chelsea uses a combination of raw, authentic content that talks bravely to the personal issues her client faces, mixed in with virtual offerings and keyword driven blogs/reels/stories.

This marketing mix has effectively communicated who she is and what t’s like to work with her and her team of like minded stylists.

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