TECH TOOL UPDATE – What’s New With Shoppable Video Platform, Shopshare

This week we catch up with Emma Inteman, founder of the ultimate video tool SHOPSHARE, to find out what new features they’ve introduced to help personal stylists build incredible, global styling businesses.

With their exclusive tech, SHOPSHARE is the only platform offering a human touch to online shopping via video integration. The ideal virtual styling solution for clients who want to personalise their recommendations, curated looks and shopping services.

You’ll learn:

  • How to monetize the ‘pre-shop’ work you do for each client
  • How to turn 1 shoppable video or mood board into a marketing tool, commission generator AND a paid service
  • How to use shoppable videos and mood boards to prove your value as a stylist


Over the last 12months, Shopshare has introduced these amazing new features including:

  • New design studio (think Canva but shoppable)
  • New affiliate commission partners (an ever expanding list)
  • New Pinterest integration with 1 click
  • Download high-res images for all social channels (for marketing purposes)

Didn’t catch the first episode where we explain the core features? Check it out here.

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