Content Creation Club



Exceptional content, every month.


You understand the importance of creating regular, consistent and value driven digital content for your styling business.

We use it to:

  • Attract followers on social media
  • Drive website traffic
  • Build relationships with email subscribers
  • Convert audiences into styling clients

And each month, you know you should be working on blog posts, videos, lead magnets, free resources, and social media content.

But you fear it. You avoid it. You procrastinate and then you stress about it….

It all gets too much and then you reactively post a photo of your coffee on a fashion textbook with a quote on confidence….

Which is madness because every single one of you have an incredibly personal, moving and empowering story, amazing skills and a genuine interest in helping others.

And if you can deliver consistent digital marketing content each month that is optimised to attract followers, web traffic and sign ups, you’ll be able to convert these people into clients.

I want to change the experience of creating marketing content from ‘fun ideas and to-do lists’ to ‘actually writing stuff that is relevant and getting it uploaded so people can read it’.

Now, I love a brainstorm as much as the next gal. But once you’ve drawn out all the juicy, creative, uniqueness inside you, you need to do something with it. Consistently. Using a laptop. Whether it’s creating blogs, videos, free resources, guides, lead magnets, social media content or press releases. Ideas are fabulous but the implementation part is just as vital to success.


By helping you stick to a plan, providing not just the creative ideas and effective strategies, but by supporting you through the creation itself.

With the combined support of global content creation experts, we will mentor and guide you through the creation of 1 piece of exceptional content each month, which you’ll use to genuinely engage with your audience, and convert into smaller pieces of content like reels, stories, pins, videos and social posts.

It will be fun. You will get content published consistently. And if you keep it up, you will see results.


  • STEP 1 The Easy Part – 1 on 1 Brainstorm Session With Mentors
  • STEP 2 The Slightly Harder Part – Submit Your Idea
  • STEP 3 The Magic Part – Group Session Recommendations
  • STEP 4 The Follow Up Part – Reviews & Support



Each new member will receive their own ‘Content Creation Roadmap’; an easy guide to remind you of who you are trying to talk to, how you can help them and what content they’d actually like to read.


Become a member of the Content Creation Club for $129.00 AUD / $99 USD per month.

Who is it for?

Image experts who want to create consistent, effective marketing content each month without having a panic attack.

How does it work?


  • 30 Minute Mentor Call – Via Google Meet any time that month
  • Monthly Content Submission – Provided and submitted via email
  • Group Critique Session – Via Zoom, 3rd Thursday of the month at 8am AEST and 1pm AEST
  • Weekly Marketing Support – Via the private FB Group



Upon joining, new members will receive their own ‘Content Creation Roadmap’; an easy guide to remind you of who you are trying to talk to, how you can help them and what content they’d actually like to read.

    • Group sessions happen on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 8am AEST and 1pm AEST(session dates will be provided each month)
    • Mentor sessions can not be rolled over to the following month or combined.
    • You are automatically billed monthly and will receive a payment receipt via email each month
    • You can cancel your Content Creation Club membership at anytime after the initial 2 months by accessing your account using the link provided in your payment confirmation email
    • Session recordings will be available and delivered via email following the event



Within a matter of minutes of our working together, Sarah helped me create my core messaging in a way that is completely unique to me and my business. I walked away with a whole new perspective on my business and the results were immediate and transformational. Within days of applying my new strategy, my business began bustling like never before.

E’Beth Goad

Image Expert, USA

Sarah is a dynamic industry expert whom I have garnered so much from on both a personal and professional level. She understood my unique skills set as creative freelancer; assisting me in establishing a vision and action plan for my scope of services from concept through to execution phases. Her ability to liaise with clients and articulate strategic practices is second to none, always seeing her well exceed client expectations no matter what the project. Her vibrant energy and keen eye for detail ensure she is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Alexia Petsinis


When you can work with someone who truly understands and sees your passion you’ve found your match! That’s how I feel about Sarah! Sarah has been such a huge part of the shaping and molding of my business I get excited when I think about it. Sometimes when we don’t know what to do in business we tend to pause and not move forward but Sarah knows exactly how to connect with you how to set up the right foundation blocks for your business so that you can be successful. She’s great with her words, gives meaningful advice and is always attentive to the task at hand. I love working with Sarah and so glad she was aligned to be my styling coach for my business

Danique Martin

Stylist, USA

OMG! Can I hire me!?!?!? Damn you make me sound good!!!

You are AMAZING at this!!!!!! The Styling Advisory is hands down the best styling coaching program ever. I highly recommend working with Sarah.

Amanda Wood

Stylist, USA 

Sarah's marketing knowledge and her keen ability to quickly access the gaps was phenomenal. Her energy was contagious. I now have a clear plan on how to elevate my brand and attract my perfect client.

Susan Cox

Image Expert, USA

Every stylist seriously needs to be working with Sara Cohen in order to grow and expand their styling business and get the most of out of the tools like ShopShareTV.

Emma Inteman

Founder, ShopShareTV, AUS

Wow! I love it Sarah! it really crystallises our discussions, brainstorming and prep work. So amazing to see the process and how it comes to life. I can see instantly how this creates such clear biz goals and a brand identity for me. Thank you!

Eva Papadakis

Image Expert, SINGAPORE

Thank you SO much for another mega-useful session.  Everything you suggested was gold dust and I really appreciate your time and wisdom.   I'm so much clearer about what to focus on next which is a refreshing change to the usual whirlwind of ideas that overwhelm and stop me from taking action!  It feels great to have a targeted strategy, which I had always been missing.   Thank you for being so approachable and encouraging, I could talk to you for hours!

Kelly Michelle

Wardrobe & Personal Stylist, UK

I have been working with Sarah over the past few months doing 'The Empire Blueprint' Program. It has been the single best thing I have done for my business. I wish I had met Sarah years ago. Her knowledge of this business is extensive, and her ideas are original and enlightened. Sarah is such fun to work with, I always finish out calls motivated and excited. My business has experienced a dramatic shift, but my thinking had expanded even further to imagine a business far more reaching than I previously thought possible.

Jana Keane

Stylist & Image Expert, AUS

I am so grateful to have Sarah as my business coach. She is very motivational and knowledgeable with an awesome vibe. I already had my brand but needed someone one to see it with a marketing, styling and business eyes like her! With my first session she helped me gain more clarity and modify certain things to make my brand concept even better

Paola Paulino

Stylist, USA

I just wanted to thank you for our marketing session together. I am so excited about getting my styling business going! You gave me some great next steps that are attainable! I was feeling rather overwhelmed with where to start. Thank you for your guidance and your valuable time. I appreciate it so much!

Tina Ray

Image Expert, USA