THIS IS MY Signature program

You got into styling to style – so why the eff do you have to have a masters in marketing too?

Funnels, Tik Tok, posting times and Facebook Groups. Bore. Me. To. Tears. I am as disinterested as a vegan in a butcher with the cookie-cutter, watered-down formula of how to sell yourself as a stylist.

It doesn’t have to be that hard.
In fact, turns out the answer is right in front of you.

Introducing my signature program – THE CONNECTION.

Why murder mysteries are the key to marketing

When I was growing up, my family used to love nothing more than a little late-night S.V.U Crime show for family bonding – “Svooo” we call it. Oh! The drama of the setup, the clues that are magically found and pieced together in the space of a 23-minute melodrama. At the end of the day, my siblings and my parents would all place down our emotional daggers that we were intent on using on each other, and instead direct our attention to the literal daggers onscreen. Ahh family bonding.

These days, I’m soothed by Agatha Cristie and a midsummer murder on a cold night. I can literally fall asleep to the sound of a gentle poisoning.

As a marketing professional (I’ve been in the game for 20+ years), I’ve seen it all. Every brand pyramid, every content strategy – from the early days of direct marketing, right through to “The Year of The Cookie” and “that time privacy laws kicked in and made it impossible to sell anything online”… and nothing has slapped me in the face harder than the revelation that my murder mystery shows and SVOO had the key the whole time.


If you’ve made it to this part of the page dear reader, and you’re feeling a sense of “oh hell yeah, I feel like I can relate to this message”, it’s because I’ve left you a couple of clues.

A sweary reference in the heading, a story about family dysfunction, followed by the word “murder” within the first scroll. If you’re my people, you would have read onto this point. The plant was deliberate. Kind of like the time Detective Hoyle planted that crackpipe inside the jacket of that drug dealer. A deliberate act, designed to be deliberately found. Are you still with me?

Here’s what I know for sure. The only unique selling proposition you should ever follow is your own authentic being. You are wildly interesting and intriguing. And after a long stint in the game of marketing, I’ve come to realise that I’m too old, and also far too interesting to not be able to talk about murder mysteries, swear a bit and have a deep chat about mediums whilst telling you literally everything I know about marketing.

So I got my favourite people together (Dara & Tal…you’ll meet them soon) and with the lure of a good time, I made them also tell me everything they know about branding & psychology. By our powers combined, we have crafted what we think is a pretty revolutionary take on marketing, specifically for stylists.

Because it just so happens that I love the sh*t out of styling, so you’re my chosen people to impart this information onto. I can’t wait to chat!

Hi, I’m Sarah Cohen and I love ghosts

You read that right. Oh what a risk to say it out loud! But I say it out loud to my best friends on the weekly, so why not out myself here?

There’s context. I lost my father to MND about 10 years ago, and I actually find it incredibly comforting to think about connecting with the energies from the other side. As ironic as it sounds, ghosts keep me grounded.

I also love styling. Always have. I often think back to the corporate offices I used to work in – I think the thrill of the daily outfit was a bigger rush than the hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue I’d bring in for the business.

Styling has always been my friend in a way. Is it weird to say that I think of my wardrobe as one of my best friends? Is this a safe space to share that? It allows me to push myself in ways that nothing else can. Whether it’s being brave to wear that cropped vest that mimics the Dior collection of 94, paired with a wide-leg pant with a button detail, or to simply turn up to a meeting wearing a Tiara. Style carries me through my day. It’s my second skin.

As for the work cred, I’ve worked with over 500+ personal stylists and image consultants from around the world, and nothing brings me greater joy than to share my marketing brain with a group of people that I love and believe in.

Here’s what i know.

Connection matters way more than content

I am going to bet that you’re an amazing stylist. I don’t doubt it. And I know that you can really help a very specific type of person. I’m not here to tell you anything about how to do the styling part – you’ve got that covered.

I’m here to show you how to CONNECT with your clients so they can’t HELP but want to work with you.

Imagine a world where…

  • Your DREAM CLIENT is attracted to your business
  • You feel like your marketing is effortless
  • You can help exactly the right person that was designed to be matched with you
  • You actually start loving your business again



A 12-week online group program designed to unlock your “youiest you” so that you can connect and attract your dream client and basically solve world peace, one styling client at a time.

  • You have a styling business but you are getting REALLY OVER IT when it comes to having to create content
  • You just KNOW you have something amazing to offer, but you just have no idea how to market yourself
  • You cringe at the thought of a “snap and jump” Tik Tok video

What happens when a Marketing Director, a Brand Strategist and a Psychologist walk into a bar…



Weekly Video Trainings

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Weekly Small Groups

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Psychology, Branding and Marketing Masterclasses

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“Just be you, because everyone else is taken”… whilst excellent in theory, is ridiculous in its apparent ease of execution. I know it ain’t that easy. I know that you’ve probably tried to put a version of yourself out there that you thought was right, but at the end of the day it just wasn’t….you, and this illusive “true” version of yourself can be hard to uncover.

Hell, I’ve been there. Check out the first draft of this program page. I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought I had to be a version of myself that didn’t truly tell you who I was…Don’t you just want to scream BLAND…..

Elton John brought his pet rabbit to the gym.

“It’s a little fit bunny…”

Got Questions?

This a 12-week program, we have one live group call each week (suitable for your timezone), which is all pre-recorded in case you can’t make it.

We have two times that we run our group calls on – these times vary slightly with regards to daylight savings, but you can be guaranteed these timeslots. In any case, all sessions are recorded in case you miss a call.

Australia: A Thursday morning, or Thursday evening
USA: Wednesday evening
London: Thursday morning

You will have the option to pay upfront with a discount, or a payment plan – monthly over 3 months.

I’d love to hear a bit about your story and where you are at in your Styling Journey. So the next part is to jump on a call with me – Sarah Cohen – I’ll walk you through the program and see if it feels like a great match. From there, you’ll be sent the payment details and once you’re confirmed we’ll see you for our opening week!

Hello friends, you have found what I’d like to call “the Easter Egg”. You didn’t expect this to be in the FAQ’s section did you? Oh! Another clue! But here you are, and here I am – look at us getting to know each other!

Truth be told, I wish I was a comedic scriptwriter. Oh! To be in the writer’s room of a sketch show – that would be my next life. There’s still hope for me yet though… my son (he’s 5) is exhibiting tendencies of being quite comedic in nature. His timing is impeccable. I’m putting all my comedic dreams on his dear shoulders.

Absolutely! This is the kind of program that will be incredibly beneficial for you to do at the very beginning of your styling journey. We have found that our stylists get results at every single level of their business.

100% yes. You will walk away with practical strategies and a complete plan for your marketing that will feel JOYFUL to do.

Let’s chat. Bring tea.

Pull up a chair and let’s do this. I’d love to see if we’re a match to work together and to let THE CONNECTION do its magic on you. It’s the first step to joining the program.

You can ask me questions like “is it really worth it” and “how do I know this will result in a profitable styling business” or “how do I weave ghost stories into my content strategy.” You know, the usual questions.

Let’s talk, let’s connect. I’d love to know more about you and how my team and I can help you create the best Stylist business.