PR Tips for Personal Stylists

Rebecca Lau Marsh is a stylist and entrepreneur who has founded 5 disruptive businesses in the e-commerce and fashion industries and credits PR as a key driver of her success.

As a pioneer of online fashion retail, and owner of 3 successful online businesses including Love My Baby, 21 scrubs, and Kit and Cradle, Rebecca shares her advice on how stylists can secure editorial coverage in a highly competitive industry.

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Rebecca’s PR Tips for Personal Stylists

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Here are the key PR tips Rebecca shared in our interview:

  • Build Relationships with Media

    Rebecca prioritizes her relationships with media.
    This includes taking note of their recent stories, what topics they love writing about and events they’ve been to recently. (A little investigative work is required!)
    Journalists and producers receive hundreds of pitches a day – so imagine how your idea might stand out if it’s SUPER tailored to the person reading it!
    Schedule your ‘reach out’ emails and follow-ups in your diary so you don’t forget them.

  • Give Yourself a Catchy Niche

    “Denim Queen”, “Plus-Size Fashion Expert”, and “Australian Designer Guru” are titles that give weight to your opinion, instead of “personal stylist”.
    You will stand out from the hundreds of emails and pitches if you show that what you offer is so special and individualized that the person who needs it will immediately think of you.

  • Think about timing and relevance to current events

    Rebecca Lau Marsh says that timing plays a HUGE part in whether your story is picked up by media or not.
    Take inspiration from current events in the news, on social media and in the community and then give it a unique spin or twist for the journalist to publish.
    Think about the biggest retail, sales and special events that happen in your country and pre-prepare your unique twist to send 2 weeks before the event happens.

  • Make it easy for journos to publish

    Create a summary of the story you want to pitch.
    Include 2-3 fun headlines that are a similar style to the ones they already publish.
    Attach some low-res images they can use, so they have everything they need immediately.

  • Make it Meaty for TV

    If you are looking for TV coverage, you’ll need to create a more comprehensive storyline for producers that extends past your opinion.
    Your TV segment pitch should include a beginning, middle, and an end, and may include additional guests to flesh out the story.

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