The Journey From Styling Princesses To Personal Clients, with UK Celebrity Stylist, Ozuola Martins

Ozuola Martins is a celebrity, editorial and red carpet stylist now pivoting into the world of personal styling.

For many celebrity stylists, the need to build a more strategic client-attraction plan that doesn’t rely on word-of-mouth can be a stumbling block.

The world of editorial, celebrity and red carpet styling is fuelled by recommendations, so the thought of creating lead magnets, email lists and content to generate new clients can be overwhelming!

The Styling Advisory is working with Ozuola to make this pivot seamless, including:

✨ Finetuning her brand story to reflect who she is and how she stands out.
✨ Streamlining her services into a smaller offering of extremely targeted, high value options.
✨ Crafting a clear, step-by-step execution plan for her marketing that feels easy and doable.

Styling Industry Expertise:

With over 20 years experience, Ozuola is one of London’s most talented stylists. I mean, let’s just look at some of her incredible styling achievements:

  • Styling members of The Royal Family for editorial shoots, personal shopping and event looks
  • Styling for BBC, ITV & Channel 4 Presenters
  • Curating Celebrity Special Event Looks – Derby, Ascott, Elton John White Tie & Tiara Ball, Red Carpets
  • Styling ad campaigns for international retailers like SPACENK & BROWNS
  • Editorial styling for Hello Magazine, Tatler
  • Corporate consulting for The HYATT Group

And yet, in today’s episode, Ozuola shares her own struggle to believe in herself and her abilities, despite these numerous styling accolades.

From Celebrity Styling to Personal Styling

Given that Ozuola has styled members of the Royal Family, surely the transition to building a personal styling client channel, and the marketing required to build a new audience would be easy, right? Wrong!

Ozuola experiences the challenges other image professionals face when building a styling business and creating content that connects with clients.

Challenge #1 ‘How To Communicate Your Value’ (When You Sometimes Doubt It Yourself)

We know we need to communicate our value to potential clients, but that can be hard unless we completely believe in ourselves, our vision and our unique offering.

Despite a long list of accolades, experience and training, how do you put aside ‘imposter syndrome’ and focus on delivering consistent marketing content?

At The Styling Advisory, we believe it’s as simple as joining a team like ours, where cheerleaders can help you see your true worth and show you how to communicate it beautifully.

Challenge #2‘What Does Great Content Look Like?’ (When You’ve Never Had To Create It Before)

The other challenge is to create content that we would actually love to watch, read or listen to.

As a celebrity stylist, new clients or bookings typically come from referrals. But in the world of personal styling, we need a digital marketing ‘engine’ that is constantly attracting, nurturing and converting clients through engaging content.

Now, social media content creation comes easy to those who are born performers. But for the remaining 99.9% of business owners, we need an effective way of promoting our services that doesn’t require us to become TV Presenters.

Most of us just want to talk about what we love, what inspires us, and how we can help people without the pressure, the performance and the imposter syndrome that comes with ‘showing up online’.

We do need to connect with our audience in the most authentic way possible. But that is nearly impossible, when we aren’t presenting our true self.

The Solution? – Consistent, Commercially-Savvy Content (That You Don’t Need to ‘Perform’ In)

Our marketing activity requires consistency and honesty.

You need to commit to regular, consistent posts, blogs, emails, podcasts (whatever you choose) and not give up. There is no secret here – if you do the work, it will work.

But we also need to be brave, tapping into our deepest selves to create content that doesn’t have to fit the typical format.

One of the BEST ways of creating content that allows you to express yourself without the pressure to perform is with SHOPSHARE.

Shopshare facilitates a model of content creation that conveys your personality, your skills, your empathy and your knowledge without the stress of presenting as someone you’re not.

Instead of being judged on your ability to produce an on-trend, viral edu-tainment influencer-style post, the focus of your Shopshare content is on:

✨Your skills
✨Your eye for detail
✨Your ability to explain technical styling elements
✨Your expertise in different retail segments and customer needs
✨Your experience in the industry
✨Your knowledge of retailers outside the mainstream

AAANND…. While you’re doing that, your content is also running up commission payments for you… now that’s what we call ‘passive income!’

Join us for a Content Creation Bootcamp with SHOPSHARE TV in March, 2020.

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