The Team Effort Required To Build A Styling Business

Our podcast guest, personal stylist Traci Jeske, is comfortably living her dream life, but she’s the first to admit she needed help to get there.

At the beginning of her personal styling business, Traci quickly realised that just having a social media page and a website was not enough of a marketing plan to successfully attract clients.

So Traci found mentors, courses and external support to help her build brand awareness and credibility; 2x marketing objectives vital to growing her business internationally.

Business owners working for themselves, like most stylists, often miss out on the dynamic engagement with other people to generate ideas, talk through strategies and stay motivated.

This is why Traci Jeske reached out to mentors and marketing coaches; her success is partly due to her ability to identify and build a team of experts around her.

This interview is another great reminder that success happens over time and you don’t have to go it alone.

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