The Advice 7-Figure Stylist Lauren Messiah Wants To Share About Growing Your Styling Business

Hi everyone! I am so excited to re-connect with personal stylist and entrepreneur, Lauren Messiah to talk about her styling business lessons!

Lauren Messiah demonstrates a unique approach to styling business, making decisions based on gut feel instead of overwhelming herself with other’s ideas.

And right now, her gut is telling her there is power in slowing down, talking from the heart and connecting with people who totally get her.

Over 12 years she has thrown herself into endless launches, and built a 7-figure business as a result.

But her reflections of that period and her renewed focus are a refreshing message for those of us who are ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED with the content expectations for entrepreneurs.

There is so much gold in here…. but I hope you takeaway this beautiful piece of wisdom…..

‘WHY’ you started your styling business, why you care about helping others, why you are driven to this industry, is what build connections.

And connections are the only thing that drive client bookings.

So if you’re not getting any love from your current marketing efforts, it might be that you’ve lost yours…. we’ll help you find it via The Connection Program.

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