Personal Stylist Packages and the Rise of The Capsule with Jessica Ryan

In this episode, I’m chatting with Jessica Ryan who is a Multi-Award Winning Personal Stylist about personal stylist packages centered around capsule collections and how she has successfully launched these to hew niche clients.

About Personal Stylist, Jessica Ryan

Based in Victoria, Jessica has built her successful business styling the ideal capsule wardrobe and bringing this styling solution to regional clients.

Out of all the personal stylist packages, it’s the concept of the ‘capsule’ that captured Jessica’s interest.

During Jessica’s 10 years in the retail industry, she developed a curiosity for women’s shopping behaviour. This extended to the concept of how to make the perfect ‘capsule wardrobe’ instead of buying new clothing every week.

Jessica decided to experiment with the capsule wardrobe and lived with a 40 piece wardrobe for 3 years!

As a result, Jessica was able to refine the perfect balance between fashion obsession and mindful shopping.

Marketing Personal Styling Packages

From a marketing perspective, I wanted to understand how Jessica was able to reach her niche client and present her personal styling packages effectively.


[00:00:10] How Jessica started her journey in the fashion industry and discovered the alarming message of always buying new, more, now

[00:01:00] Becoming a mum and her decision to live with a 40 piece wardrobe

Personal Styling Packages and The Launch of The Capsule

[00:01:34] The cathartic nature of a capsule wardrobe

[00:02:00] Becoming a mother and losing touch with our identity

[00:04:00] The decision to start reconnecting what what Jess loved through fashion

[00:04:42] What makes her clients decide to take that step too

[00:06:00] A focus on mindfulness and intention with how we shop and build our wardrobe.

When The Marketing Starts To Pay Off

[00:08:24] The turning point when bookings started to come in

[00:09:54] The inception and success of The Rack image; reducing the overwhelm for the client and showing them a beautiful collection

[00:12:00] The idea that a capsule brings a sense of control

[ [00:13:00] The weekly rack challenge

Bring Your Services To Life Online

[00:13:51] Bringing your services to life with a visual image

[00:15:00] Every stylist’s marketing plan is unique, it’s not a one size fits all.

[00:17:55] The overwhelming side effect of client growth and the benefit of taking things step by step. Just pick something to work on and ignore the rest!

[00:20:28] Just create something people care about.

[00:22:05] The importance of providing value to your audience with every piece of content.

Jessica had a clear and unique value proposition, including ‘the rack’ and capsule dressing, and as a consequence, her marketing content resonated very deeply with a specific niche audience.

We can build your own unique value proposition and personal stylist packages, if you are ready to start growing your styling business. Click here to find out how!

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