New Shopping Partnership Opportunities with Garmentier Founder, Lisa Bubes

Garmentier was founded in 2018 by professional stylist and retail veteran Lisa Bubes, who recognized the potential for personal shoppers to change the retail world through an entirely new direct sales model.

The Garmentier digital platform revolutionizes the relationship between retailers, brands and stylists.

It removes the barriers that have prevented a seamless, strong commercial partnership between them and the brands they help support.

Commissions, selecting and sending clothing from stores directly to clients without any need for upfront payments and custom tailoring are just some of the features of this platform.

In my interview today, Lisa and I talk about the industry challenges and how Garmentier was built to remove them in an innovative and intuitive way.

Currently available to US image professionals only, they do have plans to open the functionality and membership to other countries in 2022.


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