Networking Events, Facebook Groups & Getting Visible with Stylist Janine Coney

How did personal stylist Janine Coney build her Instagram audience to over 11,000 followers? 

What grass -roots, ‘old school’ marketing activity works better for Janine than any other?

And what’s the most popular styling services her UK clients are booking in now?  

Find out the unique marketing mix that works for personal stylist Janine Coney in today’s episode. 

As always, you’ll see that there are so many different ways to grow your social media audience, build your email list, drive web traffic and grow your client base. We just need to find the solution that works for you!

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Episode Timestamps

[00:01:13] – Introduction

[00:04:18] – The link between clients and marketing content

[00:05:49] – The best personal styling service to offer in 2022

[00:08:50] – The importance of having the right foundation

[00:16:00] – The tactic to grow your business online

[00:17:47] – The importance of staying on your own lane

[00:22:02] – How to nail a networking event

[00:26:49] – Different stylists, different marketing styles

[00:31:04] – How to bring out your own unique content

[00:37:24] – How to be visible in front of your clients

Janine’s approach to marketing her styling business is centered in the ‘why’.

“To have confidence in what you do as a stylist, you have to remember your deepest why” says Janine.

When you remember why you are in this industry, you tap into a deep, soulful place that houses millions of ideas for content!

The ‘trick’ is simply to keep tapping into that place for content and be consistent with it.

Don’t be afraid of being judged by what you say or post out there; we are all in the same boat!

Janine is a firm believer that success doesn’t happen overnight so you must give yourself the time and space to build up momentum.



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