INSYZE – The New Platform For Plus-Size Styling Clients (And how stylists can use it)

Are you a personal stylist struggling to find amazing brands for your plus-size clients? 

Or are you a stylist specialising in curvy, full figured or tall styling, looking to find new clients?

In this week’s episode of The Styling Advisory Podcast, I got to chat with Sylvie Wilson, Co-Founder of INSYZE, a personalised shopping and community platform for plus-size fashion.  

Founded by Sylvie and her sister Danielle, INSYZE is a plus size ecommerce site and search engine, helping users (and stylists) search for the clothes you want, from lots of different brands – all in your size and in one space.  

What I loved about this concept was:  

1. The average woman is technically ‘plus-size’ and for too long retailers haven’t prioritised extending their size ranges. So businesses like INSYZE are pioneering this segment of the market  

2. They’ve built in a community component to their ecommerce site, which actually drives most of their engagement and sales, because it’s built on genuine, real, no b/s conversations 

3. Stylists can use this platform to quickly source incredible options for clients, and then present them in cool shoppable videos using Shopshare

4. Stylists can also use the ‘CHATS’ community feature to build their profile.  

STYLING JOB OPPORTUNITY (Nov 2021) INSYZE are looking to hire a stylist to work with them for a new ‘get the look’ feature they’ve just launched. 

Please email your interest to and we’ll connect you with INSYZE.

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