How To Use TikTok For Stylists (When you’re over 40)

In this month’s free marketing training session, we had Candice DeVille, CoFounder of digital marketing agency Co-Pilot Crew onboard to help us understand how to use Tik Tok for stylists to grow their business.

Candice and the CoPilot team typically work with mid to large size businesses and substantial advertising budgets, so the insights provided will help small business owners with no advertising budget to compete in this competitive landscape.

The questions posed in this session included:

  • Is there any benefit to using TikTok, particularly for 40 plus for all of us that are not digital natives, meaning we didn’t grow up with social media?
  • What can we do about it right now?
  • Does it replace the stuff I’ve already done?
  • What are the opportunities for business growth?
  • How could it help me find clients if I don’t have extra hours in the day to create content for another platform?

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Candice shared some big fat truths backed by data to help us understand the true potential of Tik Tok for stylists.

The big, big, big changes in Tik Tok have really happened over the last nine months. So let’s clear up any confusion STAT!

Myth #1: It’s not as popular as Facebook or Instagram

It’s now the world’s most downloaded social media app. There are an extra 650,000 new users joining every day.

Myth #2: Its only for people that weren’t alive for the original Full House series.

The majority of users are over 30 now. They have surpassed the young guys. Users under 24 is about 5.6 million currently. (How many users over 44? Or 55+? Watch to find out.)

Myth #3: The content is just kids dancing… and I hate dancing

The big power of TikTok (and why it’s so different to old mates Facebook & IG is discoverability; The ability for you to get found by your audience is exponentially greater than it is on Facebook and Instagram.

The content on Tik Tok is not about just broadcasting. It’s not just about telling people, “I have this thing or I wore this stuff or get ready with me.”

It is interactive and the more you interact with the community that you’re building there, the better that discoverability becomes and the better that your content gets shared and shared and shared.

Unlike on Instagram where you’re so busy just working on your own engagement and liking and replying to comments on your own posts, Tik Tok really encourages you to get involved with other people’s content and this is the key to success in Tik Tok is getting involved with what’s happening there.

The content isn’t as advertorial, but the conversation you can generate is going to be more powerful and move people through the buyer cycle.

Myth #4: People spend more time on Instagram and Facebook than TikTok

As of today, Tik Tok captures more monthly viewing hours than Facebook and Instagram combined. The average monthly user on TikTok is spending 26 hours a month on TikTok.

Your person styling client is on TikTok. But you’ll have to create a different (and much easier) type of content to engage them.

Tik Tok is much more raw, so it’s the rough and ready style. You don’t need to be hyper produced.

People want to be able to connect with that real you and one of the big drawcards with TikTok that we see all the time is people saying “it made me feel normal, it made me feel like I’m okay and I’m not the only freak out there. I’m not the only person that has this problem.”

So for those of you that have been interested in creating video content but have not felt particularly comfortable, this is for you –  it’s okay to be shit at creating videos, as long as you are great at being yourself. (The polar opposite of Instagram am I right?)

Quite often we can come across as too polished which can become a barrier for a lot of potential clients. (Watch the recording to see Candice’s great example of content for stylists who works with mums)


Make sure that you have your TikTok business account set up and that you have your TikTok shop set up. Even if you have nothing in it, just make sure that that backend is set up first.

When LIVE SHOPPING is accessible in Australia via TikTok, you’ll be able to sell your services, colour swatches, programs, downloads and any products to your TikTok community. (Consumer spending on Tik Tok, including services, has increased by 77% last year and overall users spent $2.3 billion inside.)

Practice Stitching or Dueting; If you make a video talking about a styling topic, ask people to make their own version and re-post because when that happens, the video goes out to both audiences.

Watch the recording to hear Candice’s awesome example of how to adjust your ‘Get Ready With Me’ video so it works for BOTH Instagram & Tik Tok.



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