Hot To Offer Virtual Styling Services with Glamhive CEO, Stephanie Sprangers

In today’s episode, we learn how to offer virtual styling services with Stephanie Sprangers, CEO of Glamhive.

Glamhive is a new virtual styling platform connecting stylists with clients from around the world.

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Steph is a true champion of the styling community.

She believes in the value stylists bring to all clients and the opportunities to shape the new retail landscape.

What You’ll Learn:

Stephanie shares some clear, strategic actions to ensure your success.

Aside from having a unique brand, niche client and a content plan, here are 4 great tips to ensure you convert clients with your new services.


Time needed: 2 minutes

Follow these steps to start launching your own virtual styling services.

  1. Name Your Styling Service With The Outcome In Mind

    Whether you are conducting a virtual closet cleanse, virtual colour analysis or virtual shop with your client, the best styling businesses focus on the result of the service. Not the way it’s delivered.

    Instead of a ‘Closet Detox’ service, you could name yours the ‘Shop Your Closet – 5 New Outfit Combinations’.

    This way, the client gets excited by the result, not the delivery method.

    We want to sell the destination, not the plane, so make sure your styling services are branded with the exciting results in mind.

  2. Include styling pricing, FAQs and reviews on the 1 page

    The key to converting a client on your services page is to ensure every piece of information is there when they need it.

    Many people won’t know how virtual styling services work, or what they are.

    Our job is to keep them on that virtual styling service page, because if they have to hunt around your website for answers, you could lose the booking.

  3. Make sure your website is built properly to offer a seamless online experience

    Without a properly structured website, the booking process is very cumbersome for the client.

    The easier and quicker we make the booking process, the more likely it is that you’ll get that booking.

    Adding a free scheduling app instead of asking visitors to email you is the first step. You can try Acuity for a quick and easy scheduling service that integrates with your calendar.

  4. Consider Virtual Styling Services As Your Recurring Revenue Stream

    Once you’ve performed a colour analysis, wardrobe edit and personal shop, we need a way to ensure clients re-book.

    Consider what your clients need in between these core services; do they need more outfit ideas? Do they need links to specific items in their exact colours? Or perhaps they want to talk through purchases with you when it suits them?

    Stylists are adding virtual styling to their business model as a way of offering recurring services post booking.

  5. Value your time, and package it up attractively

    How many of you get asked styling questions from friends, followers on social media or at events?

    As Stephanie says, “If I called my attorney right now and spoke for 7 minutes, I’d get an invoice for 15.”

    Just because this is a fun industry, doesn’t mean your time is any less valuable.

    Next time a client asks a question, offer them a VIP service where they get access to you whenever they want, for a specific monthly fee.

    This is an incredible offer for clients, but it starts with you valuing your time and expertise first.

Virtual Styling Services have never been easier to offer, thanks to innovative platforms like Glamhive.

Once you understand how you stand out, who your niche client is and what they need, you can start experimenting with new tools that help you serve clients anywhere in the world!

Thinking of ways to offer virtual styling services?

In our Business & Marketing Coaching Sessions, we can build an incredible virtual styling offering and launch it to your clients together! Head over to our coaching page to learn more.

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