How To Increase Your Styling Prices with Sydney Stylist Gessica Marmotta

Sydney stylist Gessica Marmotta shares with us her approach to pricing personal styling services, and how she went from ‘hobby pricing’ to charging $3000 AUD for styling appointments.

  • How do you gain the confidence to charge more?
  • How do you know what to base your rates on?
  • How should you approach this rate change with new clients?

Tips to help you establish a successful pricing structure:

  • Valuing yourself; believe in what you do
  • Research the market to ensure you are pricing your services appropriately
  • Gain advice from a financial expert to create a model that is commercially sustainable
  • Ensure the time you put in to the pre and post appointment is included in your pricing
  • Create packages with varying degrees of personal and financial investment, to build trust and attract a broader range of clients
  • Be transparent with the outputs; What you deliver for the client behind the scenes, on the day and post-appointment support
  • Provide as much detail as possible on your website’s services page

Gessica Marmotta is Sydney stylist and you can connect with her here: https://gessicamarmotta.com/ @StyleByGessica

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