How To Get Your Personal Styling Audience Connecting With You Online (Masterclass)


This time, we were joined by Clinical Psychologist Talya Rabinowitz and C-Suite Brand Transformation Specialist, Dara Donnelly, along with image experts from around the world to uncover this pressing issue…. 

⭐How In The Name Of Zeus Can We Get People Actually Connecting With Our Posts, Blogs & Emails??? ⭐ 

It’s so soul-destroying when you put hours into a piece of content, only to have it generate a few likes from friends and family…. We’re doing this stuff to attract amazing, like-minded individuals to our business, and we don’t have time to waste! 

So let’s find out what makes someone feel a sense of connection on a subconscious level, and then create social media/digital content from that place! 

PS 💥 We can teach you how to create this type of MAGNETISING CONTENT for your own brand in a fabulous new program called ‘THE CONNECTION’. 

Our Connection participants finally discover the path to build their version of a styling business, with content that flows from their soul.

Like this gal: 

“This course with Sarah Cohen and her colleagues was a game changer for me. I was feeling completely overwhelmed on how to approach my marketing strategy. Feeling unable to handle the realm of social media, Sarah was able to guide me through processes and strategies on how to best approach this whilst being my true self. Sarah and her team were able to ‘set me free’ of all preconceived ideas and allow me to speak my truth in my own way. She showed me that being true to oneself speaks volumes! I would highly recommend this course if you are truly looking for a way to move forward in your business and are needing a fresh, authentic and realistic approach. Great work Sarah and team! X

– Patrizia Smreker, VIC 

If you want to: 

🔥 Learn how to regulate your own nervous system to get the BEST stuff out of you without anxiety

🔥 Unblock your ideas for a truly unique styling business 

🔥 Create a year’s worth of content for all your marketing platforms that feels 100% you instead of the boring old formula AND

 🔥Start build an online community of people, like you, who are desperate for your services THEN JOIN US! 

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