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How to Generate More Leads For Your Styling or Image Consulting Business


  • Generating traffic and leads, when you don’t have the money to advertise your business.

Without ads, you need to focus your marketing efforts on being EXACTLY where potential clients are (Google/Youtube etc), and ensure that what you are offering is exactly what they are searching for.

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Let’s think about Google Search for a moment.

We type something into a Google or Youtube Search when we really need an answer, a product, or a service.

To make sure your styling business comes up in the first few results shown, you’ll need to make sure that the contentn you create (blogs/reels/guides/service pages) match the exact search criteria being typed in.

But how can we possibly know what people are searching for, in order to guide the marketing content we create?

The answer is to start using the information (DATA) available to us, instead of making creative decisions each week based on what you’re feeling.

Find out how we help you attract more styling clients.

Professional marketers across every industry believe that DATA is the key to accessing and converting more customers and clients for their business.

  • You need DATA to get to know your potential clients.
  • You need DATA to understand what specifically converted your previous leads into styling clients.
  • And you need enough time to gather that data.

But you’re a creative, confidence boosting expert, not a data analyst.

So, what can image consultants and personal stylists do to easily find and use important data for their marketing activities, to increase their web visits?

What you can do RIGHT NOW to find and use data like a marketing pro:

  1. Conduct a Survey

65% of marketing professionals conduct surveys to get information that helps them understand what would turn a lead into a client or customer.

Find out exactly what your target market wants from a stylist, why they haven’t booked one before and what they’d pay for your service through one of these tools.


2. Use a Social Listening Tool

“Social listening tools and skills will be vital in finding, understanding, and engaging with the communities that are relevant to your brand.” Gabriella Karlsson, Social Media Specialist at IKEA

A social media listening tool allows businesses to monitor, track, and analyze social media activity related to their brand or industry. 

The tools collect data on topics, keywords and user engagement, which are then analyzed and presented for you to act upon.

Check out this blog post listing all the best social listening tools you can try, from free to paid. https://keyhole.co/blog/social-listening-tools/

3. Use a Consumer Research Tool

Whether you are researching a new client segment (mums returning to work, or plus-size executives for example) or a trend, it’s helpful to have a tool that can show you what your personal styling competitors are up to and what your potential clients and customers are looking for.

Here are some paid and free consumer research tools you can try:

Semrush: For keyword research and online ranking data.

Who else is ranked on Page 1 of Google for ‘personal stylist + (your suburb or city)?

What are potential clients searching for when they are looking for workwear inspiration?

Semrush is used for market analysis and SEO research, helping you to uncover anything and everything you could ever want to know about your ideal personal styling client and your competitors. 

Answer the Public: For Content Ideas 

Answer the Public is a “search listening” tool that analyzes search engine data to reveal the intent behind a search. The more you know about what people are searching for online, the easier it is to create client-focused content that specifically addresses their biggest pain points.

You can search for a specific term/phrase like ‘plus size fashion’ and discover all the related search queries your ideal client is using.

If you’re a personal styling small business owner without an advertising budget, you’ll be relaying on these data-driven tools to help you make smarter decisions about the content, promotions and services you create, and to ensure you convert leads into clients.

Find out how we help you attract more styling clients.

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