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How Stylists Are Scaling Their Businesses, With Hue & Stripe Co-Founder Craig Nordstrom

Want to offer your clients a ‘digital closet’ with images of everything they own PLUS outfit ideas and shopping recommendations?

One of the original technology innovators in the personal styling space is Hue & Stripe, a styling client management tool that helps image consultants serve clients faster and more effectively, allowing them to help clients anywhere, anytime.

Today we’re joined by Co-Founder Craig Nordstrom, who explains how some of the most successful stylists are selling and serving styling clients using Hue & Stripes’ powerful technology (and it’s excellent customer service!)

You’ll Learn:

✔️What styling service gets booked more than any others
✔️How to test and pitch a new service like other successful H&S users
✔️How your clients want to be served by you as a stylist
✔️And the features, benefits and most popular uses of Hue & Stripe

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If you dream of leaving your day job behind and forging a path in the image industry, granting you the freedom to work from anywhere, doing what you love, there’s one pivotal step you must take before you do anything else.


To make waves in the business world, you’ve got to map out your route to success – from your income goals to your service offerings and everything in between.

This is called a Business Plan or Blueprint, and it helps you make the right decisions about everything from the services you should offer, to the clients you should target, down to the type of content you should create.

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Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale up, your plan will cover:

  • Your Dreams & Goals
  • Money Matters: How Much You Want to Make
  • Hot-Selling Services to Focus On
  • What Makes You Stand Out
  • Tech Tips & Tools You Need


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