How To Get Your Audience Connecting With You On Social Media

For this month’s ‘Tea & Chats – Styling Business Masterclass’, we learned how to get your audience connecting with you on social media.

We were joined by Clinical Psychologist Talya Rabinowitz and C-Suite Brand Transformation Specialist, Dara Donnelly, along with image experts from around the world to uncover this pressing issue!

The Styling Business & Marketing Challenge?

With so much content available, how do we make our posts, blogs and emails resonate with our audience?

It’s so soul-destroying when you put hours into a piece of content, only to have it generate a few likes from friends and family….

We’re doing this stuff to attract amazing, like-minded individuals to our business, and we don’t have time to waste!

So let’s find out what makes someone feel a sense of connection on a sub-conscious level, and then create social media/digital content from that place!

PS 💥

Talya, Dara and I actually teach you how to develop this for your own brand in a fabulous new program called ‘THE CONNECTION’.

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