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Disrupting The Curvy Rental Space with Wall

@Aheadofyourcurves Founder Kaylie Wall has launched an incredible new online rental platform for curvy Aussie customers.⁣⁣
She’s made the effort to source beautiful brands, re-shoot all stock on gorgeous curve models and is now providing stylists with a stunning option to show their clients what fabulous outfits they could be wearing right now.⁣⁣
We also talk about how the experience of growing up as a ‘Pretty-Fat’ girl, stuck in black clothing and never being able to borrow her friend’s clothes. A feeling so many personal styling clients experience.⁣⁣
Kylie is SUPER KEEN to work with personal stylists, so email me if you’re excited to collaborate!”

⁣⁣Specifically, we’ll chat about:⁣⁣

  • How Kylie started Ahead Of Your Curves ⁣⁣
  • Why it was important for her to build a rental platform that not only catered to Size 14-24 but also heavily featured designer brands.
  • How AOYC works with personal stylists
  • Why she decided to re-shoot all e-comm imagery on plus models and much more! ⁣⁣.

Listen on your favourite podcast player HERE!

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