How To Get More Discovery Calls Booked & Make Them Successful

Me:       Can I interest you in a complimentary sales call to discuss my products and services?

You:      Probably not. That sounds boring. And salesy. And it doesn’t have anything to do with me.

Me:       Well, if you change your mind, I’ve hidden the invitation somewhere deep in my website like an underwhelming little surprise for you. If you can find it and feel like listening to a live shopping channel advertisement, please book in.

Getting someone on the phone/Zoom for a discovery call is an INCREDIBLE feat in today’s digital age.

We are becoming more and more hesitant to speak with a stranger unless you can guarantee the time will be of immense personal value to us.

But that sales call typically yields the highest conversion rate out of any marketing activity.

If that wasn’t reason enough to want more of them, the latest research tells us that approximately 50% of prospects are not going to be the right fit for your business! So the discovery call is also an important opportunity to qualify your prospects.

In this month’s ‘Tea & Chats’ Styling Business Masterclass, our styling community members wanted to discuss the discovery call, whether it’s still necessary and how to make it effective.

Catch-up on the replay and then read on for the tactical changes you can make today.


Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Don’t call it a ‘Discovery Call’

    Why do they call it ‘laser hair removal’ and not ‘hot beams of light piercing your private parts?’

    Because no one would book in for it.

    The term ‘discovery call’ doesn’t compel action. So let’s focus on the output or result instead.

    What would the prospect get if they had a call with you?

    If your answer is ‘they will have more information on my services’, I want you to call your local telcom company and ask to speak with a customer service representative to discuss their mobile packages, and then I want you to rate the fun you had from 1-10.

    What can you offer them on that call that is beneficial for them?

  2. Don’t hide it like it’s something you’re ashamed of

    Be proud of your little ‘discovery call’ and all that she’s become.

    Show her off to your friends! Don’t hide her at the bottom of the page like you’re quietly mumbling “Um.. and I just wanted to say…um.. you can ask me questions… only if you want to..”

    Turn that call into something bloody brilliant, give it a stage name and let it sing!

    Ok you get what I’m saying now…. If you aren’t excited about the call, why in the world would your prospects be?

  3. Not everyone loves a mysterious stranger

    Picture the mysterious stranger, sipping whiskey at the bar, his eyes full of secrets and painful memories..

    He could promise adventure.

    Or he could be a murderer.

    Only the brave will approach, throwing caution to the wind to find out.

    (Stay with me… this analogy does relate to discovery calls.)

    Currently, most ‘discovery calls’ aren’t particularly clear in terms of what happens on them.

    We know they’ll go for 30 mins or so because it’s in the title, and we know it’s free… but who knows what happens next?

    No one likes mysteries when it comes to their personal problems; So be upfront with the structure or the agenda, so people feel comfortable and safe in your hands.

    If you remove the uncertainty that often stops people taking action, by being really prescriptive about the call, you’ll increase the amount of them that are booked.

Once you’ve given your ‘discovery call’ a makeover, you’re ready to nail the call itself.

A Successful Discovery Call Includes:

-Engaging questions that get your prospect talking at least 50% of the time

-A deep discussion about specific pain points

-A positive sign off, sharing the value you bring and next steps

Click HERE to access your ‘Personal Stylist Discovery Call Flow’; a template to map our each call you’ll have with prospects

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