‘Customised Shoppable Styling Videos’ with ShopShareTV Founder, Emma Inteman

Today’s chat with ShopShare TV Founder Emma Inteman is a fabulous opportunity to understand the possibilities of the new tech tools from the mouths of the creators themselves!

ShopShare.tv is here to change the impersonal online shopping experience for customers, by enabling stylists and personal shoppers to bring online stores and shopping experiences to life.

With ShopShare.tv your styling clients can discover new brands and get customised shopping recommendations from you, just like the traditional, in person services, via pre-recorded online shopping sessions made from your hone office.

In an age of digital innovation, image experts can finally capitalise on new tech tools like ShopShare TV to grow a global clientbase, reach more clients in a more affordable, accessible way and create engaging content that promotes your styling services. If you want to build this service into your current business and market it effectively, book in for a free 30 minute ‘Empire Designing’ session with The Styling Advisory (head to our website for more details).

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