'Design Your Dream Business'
Strategy Planning Workshops for Retailers and Creatives

Join us in Newcastle or Melbourne for our business growth workshops.

We can help you create a business by design (not by default) and take your styling business to the next level.

Are you getting sick of all the online promises of how to make it as a coveted stylist and successful entrepreneur?  

Tired of trying to figure out how to generate leads and make consistent sales so you stop the feast and famine mindset for good? 

 We get it. 

You’re hustling like crazy offering 1:1 services but you’ve hit an income cap or sales are all over the place and you’re exhausted by the hustle. 

Your Inbox is filled with emails from the next online guru telling you their ‘perfect growth hacks’ or how to make 7 figures overnight. 

You’re frantically signing up to a gazillion courses, webinars and ebooks, all promising to deliver instant and incredible business results. 

But nothing seems to stick or you’re in #informationoverload


Sound familiar? STOP RIGHT NOW.

 Before you SPEND ONE MORE DOLLAR on ads, social media hacks, external agencies, consultants or designers, let us help you CREATE YOUR ROADMAP for success, with a plan that works for you.

 Join our laser-focused strategy day for creatives who want to design their dream styling business (and not spend days, months or years trying every tactic under the sun and throwing spaghetti at the walls with no results). 

Nothing can truly compare to the feeling of being in a room with passionate and ambitious creatives, ready to brainstorm, share, create, inspire, laugh, connect and have #businessbreakthroughs together.


Here’s how it works: 


 In our 1-day intensives, we’ll share with you the advanced growth strategies that multi-million dollar businesses use to achieve long term success.

 We’ll take you through the client-winning, revenue-driving fundamentals of all successful businesses to help you craft your own success plan and a clear business blueprint for the next 12 months. We’ll map out your: 

1.    Unique Brand Identity (so you can swim in your own blue ocean and find your sweet spot)

2.    Your Dream Audience (so you’re no stuck serving clients that don’t light you up)

3.    Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (so you know exactly how to position yourself in the world of stylists)

4.    Competitor Landscape (so you can carve out your own niche in the market)

5.    Buyer Cycle and Content Plan (so you know precisely what kind of compelling content to pump out for consistent leads and supercharged sales)



Did we mention our 1-day workshops are also super-healing and inspiring because of the snacks, spiritual guidance and comedy we bring? Here’s what you’ll experience on the day:

  • A guided meditation to get super calm and creative before we kick off our laser focused strategy day
  • Tea, coffee and healthy treats throughout the day
  • Special workbooks and pens provided to collect your ideas and draft your perfect business strategy for 2020 and beyond
  • Morning teaching sessions from professional marketer, Sarah Cohen and expert copywriter and lawyer for entrepreneurs, Jacqui Jubb to set the stage for your ideal business blueprint
  • Brainstorming sessions with a group of inspiring women ready to grow their business in a strategic way, and
  • An independent planning session so you can formulate your own plan (we’ll walk around and answer your questions while you do)


When you’re in a room with like minded creatives, there’s an energy you simply can’t create online. You’ll be surrounded by 20 women who you can connect with, chat and bounce ideas off, with the chance to form long lasting relationships and collaborations as you grow your styling business.


By the end of the day, you’ll walk away with:

        The knowledge of a professional marketer

        A business by design (not by default)  and a personalized road-map for success

        The confidence to allocate ad spend resources and invest your time only in those activities that drive your business forward, AND

        A crystal-clear plan for what you need to do each day to build your business over the next 12 months. 


Ready to turn your dream styling business into a reality?

Ready to be given a clear roadmap and business blueprint that sets the framework for the next 12 months so you can charge ahead with confidence, drive more sales and feel like you’re in the driver’s seat?

Ready to nail the direction of your business with such precision and clarity you no longer have to guess what works?

Excellent, let’s do this!

Let’s go old-skewl and hang out in person, laugh, inspire and encourage each-other so we can navigate our own online business success.

  • Uncover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your styling business to make it awesome and unbeatable
  • Create an action plan to address anything standing in your way of success
  • Identify the competition to ensure you are ahead of the game
  • We create your values, personality, voice, what you want to be known for and what you promise to deliver to each client. Your ‘USP’ that makes you stand out and attract the right clients
  • We work out who is most likely to contribute most to the growth of your business
  • We define them, identify what their needs are, how to find them and what problems we’ll be solving for them to make a long lasting connection
  • We map your customer journey from awareness through to conversion
  • We match each stage of the buyer’s cycle with the right content to drive consistent leads and supercharge sales
  • We map out competitors to analyse what they do well and where you have the opportunity to gain market share
  • We review your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a bullet proof action plan

Cost: $249.00 AUD


All workshops include tea, coffee, healthy snacks, workbooks and course materials.

There will be a 1 hour lunch break.


  • Friday 22nd November, 2019         9am – 4pm
  • Saturday 23rd November, 2019     9am-4pm
  • Thursday 14th November, 2019    9am – 4pm
  • Friday 15th November, 2019         9am – 4pm


The Client Attraction Strategy

Whether you want to build an email list of potential clients from around the globe OR you’ve been slowly building that list without seeing any results, attracting the right audience and then converting them to connect with you requires a strategic approach driven by your innate ability to provide solutions to their styling problems.

Successful stylists use a strategically designed ‘free offer’ and email sequence to convert clients. And the difference between success and failure comes down to how well you know your ideal client!

Together we’ll create a highly targeted system to attract email addresses and then nurture those subscribers into becoming clients.

You’ll Receive:

  • 1x Client Attraction Strategy Session via Zoom (1x hour) 
  • 5x Free Offer Ideas designed to WOW your ideal client 
  • 5x customisable emails tailored to convert your ideal client

(Does not include technical implementation)

$345 USD Project Fee
$490 AUD Project Fee


VIP Client Retention Program

Already built an incredible foundation for your styling business? Fabulous.

Ready to turbo-charge your bookings and revenue? Of course you are!

Look no further than your existing clients and contacts!

We will develop a client retention program including a specific set of initiatives designed to increase client value and encourage them to re-book and refer your services. 

We’ll identify your most valuable and engaged clients and customise a killer CLIENT RETENTION Plan that will turn them into your biggest business asset.

This is a business growth strategy used by Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs globally.

Monthly Strategy & Planning Sessions include:

  • 1x Strategy Session per module (1.5 hour via Zoom)
  • Planning Worksheets for you to complete and implement 
  • Executive Review & Strategic Recommendations


  • Define your most profitable clients/contacts
  • Analyse trends and buyer behaviour
  • Create your VIP Client List
  • Systematization to keep track of client data
  • We’ll design relevant services to offer as ongoing support
  • We’ll plan how we’ll implement these and deliver them to clients easily
  • We’ll redesign the post-appointment communication and email marketing activity to ensure repeat bookings
  • We’ll create social media and digital content ideas to promote the new services
  • We’ll create a unique referral program to encourage recommendations

5 Modules (1x module per month)
$216 USD / $310 AUD per Module



The Automated Booking, Payment & Subscription Service for Virtual Styling

Ready to add ‘Virtual Styling Services‘ to your existing styling business?

Successful stylists automate their booking, payment and subscription service to provide a professional user experience for their clients.

The following systems can be automated and running while you concentrate on styling:

  • Styling Appointment Bookings (Virtual & Physical)
  • Calendar Integration
  • Confirmation & Reminder emails
  • Invoicing & Payments
  • Subscription based services with automatic payment

Are you considering offering a SUBSCRIPTION-BASED STYLING SERVICE to existing clients?

Maybe it’s a ‘Stylist On Call’ or a weekly ‘Outfit Planning Session’, ‘Monthly Facetime/Zoom Session’ or ‘Style Guide & Mood Board’.

We build the strategic offering together and then set up the subscription-based service in an easy to use platform with automatic payments so you can start offering your clients more of what they want… YOU!

In our ‘Automate Your Virtual Empire’ program, we manage the creation and implementation of an automated booking, payment and subscription system so you can book, confirm, invoice and automatically deduct payments for all your virtual and physical services.

Delivery date based on consultation.

$788.00 USD project fee
$1151.00 AUD project fee

Additional hourly rate may apply

Our commitment to you is simple.

We’ll want you to give us as much detail as possible so we can ensure we improve and deliver what you need next time, but we will absolutely refund your investment.

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