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Grow Your Personal Styling Business Fast

To grow your personal styling business, we’ve developed a method involving 4 clear stages:

  1. Stand Out Online
  2. Attract Your Niche Audience
  3. Turn Them Into Clients
  4. Retain Them To Grow Revenue

This framework is the bedrock of our work at The Styling Advisory because it follows the 4 stages of the ‘Buyer Journey‘; a sales process every new customer or clients takes before they are ready to engage with you.

This article will provide you with an overview to help you understand how our programs, masterclasses, group coaching and courses will help grow your personal styling business.

Time needed: 4 minutes


  1. Stand Out Online

    Think about those brands you purchase from over and over, across every industry, even when there are cheaper options out there. Why do you choose them?

    Because they resonate with you personally. Because they answer your every need. And because they offer that solution in a cool way you love.

    Personal Styling clients are attracted to a particular personal styling business when the values of that business align with their own.

    They will stay loyal to personal styling businesses who create content, online experiences and services that deliver exactly what they were hoping for.

    Consequently, the way to stand out from your competitors and attract your ideal client is to identify what you care about and what you can deliver differently, and then align those values with your ideal client.

    Who you are, what you stand for, how you’re different, what you sound like, what your digital content looks like and how you treat your clients all combine to form your unique brand identity.

    At The Styling Advisory, we prioritise this step above any and all marketing activity, because if you don’t know how you differ from your competitors, neither will clients.

  2. Pick a Niche To Talk To

    You could style anyone, but when it comes to marketing, our challenge is to attract attention.

    And when every business online is vying for our attention, we become very selective about what we choose to read, click on and subscribe to.

    We guide clients through the development of a niche client segment; a section of potential clients to tailor all your marketing to, in order to stand out online.

    Why does this strategy work when it comes to marketing and growing a business?

    To attract and convert clients, you’ll need to build deep connections with your audience.

    It’s much easier to develop this connection when you focus on a small segment of people that share a unique set of qualities rather than trying to talk to everyone online.

    That connection is the objective of every marketing strategy because without it, it’s impossible to engage your audience and convert them into paying clients.

    When you choose to commit to 1x niche client group and their particular issues, you can easily craft messages, content and services that are perfectly suited to their needs.

    And when you do this, you stand out from the crowded styling marketplace and build CONNECTIONS

  3. Attract Your Niche Client

    Once we define your brand identity and your niche client, we need to find them online and drive them to our social media pages, blog sites, services page and events.

    We achieve this by creating a specific style of content that makes your ideal clients aware of your services by providing solutions to their problems.

    Your potential clients are searching for answers to these problems online, so we need to create content that they’ll find on their search.

    Once we’ve attracted them, we’ll need to build on those early relationships with another type of content that is designed to move audiences towards bookings.

    To convert clients, we need to prove we are offering what they want and remove any barriers to purchase.

  4. Keep the coming back

    Finally, we want to ensure your marketing strategy includes content to encourage re-bookings and referrals.

    After all the hard work you’ve done to find, attract and book in your client, we don’t want to lose them.

    In fact, it’s actual cheaper and easier to increase the amount of money an existing client spends with you, than it is to find a new one.

    That means that your current client-base might be able to help you achieve your revenue goals.

    We tend to focus our marketing efforts on finding new people without realizing the power of our current engaged audiences.

    They way to ensure our clients keep re-booking and referring you is by incentivizing them with relevant offers.

Next Steps To Grow Your Styling Business

In conclusion, the best way to grow your personal styling business is to stand out online, pick a niche client, attract them, build relationships and then offer re-booking incentives.

We’ve developed an on-demand marketing strategy you can follow to craft and execute these 4 stages easily, quickly and stress-free.

Head to The Ultimate Stylist Marketing Funnel to find out more!

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