#22 Marketing Your Personal Styling Membership with Caitlin Marwaha.

How to market your personal styling membership, with our guest Caitlin Marwaha, a Melbourne-based personal stylist and founder of the CM Style Squad, a personal styling subscription service.

Due to Caitlin’s consistent, strategic approach to marketing over the last 7 years, she has been able to build a 6-figure styling business, and we are so lucky to have her on the show today!

Why It Takes Time To Convert Personal Styling Clients

Firstly, a successful personal stylist marketing plan comprises of consistent, relevant content that you can serve to your audiences at the right time, on the right digital platform.

Caitlin had a significant social media following and email database to launch her new subscription offer to, but this audience had been warmed up over time with effective ‘nurturing content’.

This type of content helps built trust, excitement and proved her expertise. (To learn more about nurturing content check out our Ultimate Stylist Marketing Funnel).

Secondly, Caitlin used analytics to understand what type of marketing content resonated most with her audiences, optimizing her content strategy with the highest performing posts, videos and blogs.

Because of this consistent approach to marketing and a strategic focus on the right type of content, Caitlin was able to build trust within her audience and then launch her subscription.

What Type of Content Should You Share For Free?

Because of the need to prove your styling expertise to new followers or audiences online, it can be hard to know what marketing content to share and what to reserve for your paying members.

Caitlin doesn’t share the styling content created for her members, which means she has to create separate, fresh posts to nurture her warm audiences.

Marketing Your Personal Styling Membership

If you want to effectively launch your own styling subscription or membership service, you’ll need a marketing and content plan that ensures you have the right content, for the right platform, at the right time.

Our Ultimate Stylist Marketing Funnel helps you plan all of this content AND it will help you stand out online to a niche client.

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[00:00:17] Caitlin explains her current launch period and her styling experience to date, along with and the decision to start running an online styling group program.

[00:03:28] Recurring revenue for stylists verses the unpredictable nature of client appointments. Launching to a warm audience on social media.

00:04:51] How Covid impacted the messaging and value of a styling membership; it’s about community. “It’s one hundred percent the community element that keeps the women there.”

[00:05:48] Why Caitlin’s styling community is the perfect example of why Imposter Syndrome shouldn’t be an issue, nor stop you from building your styling business. “It’s not the service itself, it’s how that service makes you feel” .

[00:07:03] Why there is room for every stylist. Clients will find their own tribe.

Promoting Your Personal Styling Membership

[00:09:00] Whether to promote the tangible styling results of a membership or the community experience. The marketing messages that work. Exclusivity and the social proof.

[00:10:00] The Style Quad Niche Client

[00:11:26] What clients want and how they want their styling problems solved; Group or one on one.

Converting Clients With Marketing Tactics

[00:12:00] How long it really takes for someone to become a styling client

[00:14:06] Growing her community on Instagram, paid marketing (Facebook ads) and networks.

[00:16:00] Committing to consistent marketing content.

[00:16:27] The struggle with getting that balance between how much value do you share online and how much do you keep for your paid clients.

[00:17:27] Blogging vs Social Media to attract styling clients

[00:19:05] The metrics or data Caitlin looks at to determine whether the marketing content was effective.

[00:23:04] Setting realistic expectations when building a styling business.

[00:24:30] Why styling business success doesn’t happen overnight.

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